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Lightquo…… Lighting Solutions
Lightquo Site Lightquo…… Lighting Solutions


Lighting has evolved as one of the most sophisticated sub-industry.

Lightquo offers qualitative lighting solutions to illuminate architectural spaces. Offering lighting solutions pan India and internationally, reciprocate our efforts in the form of exposure to international architecture, contemporary lighting technologies and clientele.

As a comprehensive lighting solutions provider, we carry qualitative lighting solutions highlighting the intricacies of architecture and as the name Lightquo suggests, with the right quotient of light.

Driven by team of young professionals with decades of experience in to lighting, Lightquo has evolved to
offer customer centric lighting solutions. With offices at Multiple locations we are prompt in delivering our
services and support.

Lightquo recently expanded with an assembly plant in North India to cater growing demands of fast
moving lighting fixtures.

We offer lighting fixtures with BIS Certification and also eligible for Government supplies with local body
approvals like PWD.

We offer sustainable solutions, which means:

  • Controlling Light Pollution
  • Less of Maintenance required
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low cost of Ownership

Our Team specializes in offering:

  • Lighting Design support
  • Lighting Calculations, using specialized softwares and advanced calculations
  • Compilation/preparation of BOQ, study of drawings
  • Specification study and evaluation both technical and commercial.

A special emphasis of our team is on Services post delivery of Lighting tools. Being part of Lightquo’ vision we believe in ensuring right results of our deliverance.



Indoor and outdoor architectural


Commercial Towers


Residential, High rise buildings, villas


Retail spaces


Illumination of landscaping, façades


Underwater applications


Large scale Hospitals, Malls and Governmental requirements


Art & Museum illumination


Industrial illumination


Sports lighting, flood and area lighting


Energy efficient lighting for buildings seeking Green/LEED certification